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By Juan Ramirez

Latino Farmers and Ranchers International was honored to host and sponsor the event that took place on May 26th, 2023, at 2:30pm, at the Rayburn House Building, Capitol Hill, conference room 2-168 Golden Room.

The event was attended by national and international personalities, as well as members of foundations, historians who have played an important role in remembering the renowned “Pancho” Villa and family members such as Mr. Francisco Villa Garcia and Mr. Raul Villa.

Francisco “Pancho” Villa was assassinated on July 20, 1923 in an ambush while he was visiting Parral.

The event was convened by Cindy Medina, a historian who has a deep knowledge of the Mexican Revolution and has developed a strong and extensive relationship with the family of Pancho Villa and the foundation, as well as the family of Emiliano Zapata.

The executive director of Latino Farmers and Ranchers International, Mr. Rudy Arredondo, celebrated this moment as a “unique” historic event in the United States and highlighted the importance that “Pancho” Villa had for the agricultural revolution in Mexico and in the United States: “The land belongs to those who work it”. Mr. Arredondo added that: “These individuals were the ones who initiated the agrarian reform, and many of the events were about recovering the land; that’s  part of the legacy that “Pancho” Villa left us. Pancho Villa left us the legacy of the land and the land for the improvement of our community. The farmers are in charge of sowing, harvesting and producing the food that the land offers us”.

Francisco Villa Garcia, secretary of the Visión Villista Foundation expressed his appreciation for the event and for remembering the legacy of “Pancho” Villa. Mr. Villa Garcia expressed that Pancho Villa was more than a character, he was a movement, “Pancho Villa was not only a character, he was a social movement in Mexico”.  In addition, there are three aspects in which Mr. Garcia would like “Pancho” to be remembered: 1) As a social movement, 2) To take the history and legacy of “Pancho” Villa to the people, to the streets, and 3) To use “Villismo” to determine what is our future, what is our destiny.

During the event, Mr. Raul Villa was presented with the IOU Note that Roger A. Campos inherited and had in his possession, a debt that was acquired by “Pancho” Villa for $400 dollars. The IOU is addressed to Francisco R. Campos and at the end of the document it reads: “Do not forget my Petaca because up to this date I have not received it”. At the end is the signature of Francisco “Pancho” Villa. 

The document has an incalculable historical and anecdotal value, which allowed it to close the meeting with anecdotes and other stories about this iconic character.

Latino Farmers and Ranchers International thanks all the participants for being part of this event and especially Cindy Medina, who continues to be an ally and friend.

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